PCB Fabrication


Quick turn PCB Fabrication Services for Standard FR-4 & High End Rigid, Flex & Rigid Flex Printed Circuit Boards
We are supportive on prototypes & pilot run build without mass productions potential with a lead-time from 1 to 7 working Days. Due to this unique values , we are different from our competitors by reducing the product development cycles time. With this uniformity in prototyping & productions of PCB can often reduce cost in areas such as Tooling & Open / Short Test etc.


PCB Fabrication

  • Digital & Analog, Mixed Signal
  • Power Supply, Backplanes
  • S/S, D/S & Multi-layers Rigid PCB
  • Thru-Holes, SMT/BGA HIGH Density (Double Side Placement)
  • Controlled Impedance
  • Blind/Buried Vias
  • High Speed
  • Audio & Video
  • Flex & Rigid Flex PCB
  • ENIG (Electoless Nickel/Gold & Selective Gold)
  • Immersion Tin
  • Immersion Silver
  • Carbon Ink
  • Entek (OSP)
  • Peelable Soldermask
  • Electrolytic Nickel (100u” - 400u”)
  • Hard Gold (20u” - 80u”)
  • All prototypes & short Run Qty are tested by Flying Probes
  • Mass Production are Tested by Dedicated Fixture or Universal ATG
  • PCB will be manufacture in accordance to IPC 600 Standard
  • Replacement Liability : Limited to Bare Boards only (Unpopulated with components)
  • Outgoing QC Inspection : Open/Short Test, Outgoing Inspection Report, Certificate of Conformance is our Standard procedures for every shipment that sent out. Micro-sections & TDR Report can also be arrange too.
  • Single, Double Sided & Multilayer FPC
  • Rigid-Flex FPC
  • Material : Polymide & Polyester
  • Min Line Width/Spacing – 3/3mils
  • Minimum Hole : 12mils
  • Surface Finish : Ni/Au, Sn/Pb, PB Free & HASL.

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Online price calculator available
(This quote is provided for standard PCB specifications. For quotes requiring other specifications, please send them to enquiry@kentronicsengineering.com or fill in the Enquiry Quote Form below.)


  • Material: FR4
  • Min. hole size: 0.25mm 
  • Min. Trace Width/Spacing: 0.127/0.127MM
  • Max. board size: 250 X 250mm
  • Electrical Test is included

Online Quote/Purchase


Quick Quote & Price For 1 – 4 Layers
Limited to following specifications below:

  • Material : FR4
  • PCB Thickness : 1.60MM +/- 10%, Cu – 1 OZ
  • Soldermask : Green
  • Silkscreen/Legend : White
  • PCB Finish : HASL or OSP
  • Leadtime : 5 – 6 WDs (Exclude EQs)
  • * PCB Fab price is inclusive of local delivery
  • Freight Charges incurred for overseas delivery will be advised accordingly.

Our System is set to Fab PCB layers range from 1 to 50. If you are looking for higher layer count & higher technology such as Blind/Buried Vias/Impedance control etc. Kindly email your enquiry to sales@kentronicsengineering.com or enquiry@kentronicsengineering.com along with your Gerber files & contact informations. Our Sales/Marketing representatives will attend to your enquiry as soon as possible.

Enquiry Quote (6 Layers and above)

* PCB Name

* PCB Part No.

* Type of PCB

* No. of Layers

* Array Size (No of Pcs/Array)

* PCB Board Thickness

* Material Type

* Length of Board Size

* Width of Board Size

* Unit of Board Size Measurement


* Outer Layer Thickness

* Inner Layer Thickness

* SolderMask Colour

* Silkscreen Colour

* Open/Short Test Require

* Type of PCB Surface Finish

* Gold/Gold Finger Thickness

* Quantity Require (pcs)

* Impedance Control Require

* Via Type

* Mass Production Quantity

* Gerber File Upload

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